Our History

Dr. L. Andrew Tolk has practiced over 30 years in Connecticut. He has worked with many professional athletes, including 15 years as the NHL Hartford Whaler's chiropractor. Certified in Acupuncture, Applied Kinesiology, Quantum Neurology, Brimhall technique, and many more. Offering not only a neuromuscular skeletal approach to health care, but, a holistic approach including nutrition, allergy and sensitivity, light therapy and emotional techniques. Dr. Tolk works with his patients not only by manipulation of the skeletal frame, but in the cause and prevention of all future conditions. His hope is to aid patients in taking a proactive part in maintaining their health.

Our Vision

Raised in both NY and NJ, Dr. Tolk graduated with the United States Naval Academy's Class of 1972.

During his time wrestling for the US Navy, Dr. Andrew sustained a pretty serious injury. After being treated by a number of Physicians, there were no improvements in his condition. On his search for healing, he ended up at a Chiropractor’s office. After a few visits, he noticed significant improvement! Because of his chiropractor, he was able to keep competing, which allowed him to achieve his goals and eventually reach the US Navy’s Sports Hall of Fame for Wrestling.

This experience opened his eyes to a whole new way of healing the human body. Since 1980, after attending and graduating from National Chiropractic College, it has been his mission to provide the same level of Wellness to his patients that he himself received since that first fortunate visit to a Chiropractic office.